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Опубликовано: 18.04.2017

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herpes cure is yet to be found. While many assume that the treatment being used in combating the painful manifestations of the herpes virus is considered a cure, the total annihilation of the microbe is still under research.


The virus inside the human body is protected by an outer coating which is impregnable to almost all kinds of drugs and medicines in existence. When fully functional, this tiny organism gives complicated problems to an individual’s framework system. In the event that the microbe gets deactivated, it hides somewhere inside the human structure until it is triggered again in the near future. This is the case of the herpes occurrence. Both the oral and genital variation of the infection is attributed to a viral system that creates lesions and sores in certain parts of the body. The need for a cure for herpes has been in the air for years.


Nobody knows for sure how or why the herpes virus go berserk the moment the immune system of a person lowers its guard. One thing is certain. The microbe paves way towards a painful disturbance through the open sores that are present in the mouth and in the genitals. For decades, medical organizations throughout the world have done research and tests to provide a stable solution to the disturbing situation. What physicians and medical experts want is to annihilate the virus once and for all. However, the more the microorganisms are scrutinized and bombarded with drugs, the more elusive the herpes cure is. Seasonal outbreaks of the herpes virus are attributed in the low and vulnerable immune system. There are weather conditions which the microbe takes advantage of in order to promote the emergence of painful sores. To address the situation, doctors are able to find treatment for the open small wounds found in mouth and in the genital areas. There are specific substances which can suppress the complications that will arise from the sores. Although stinging and aching raw lesions close and vanishes, it is not certain that the virus causing it is totally eliminated. Herpes cure is still under research. The process of finding it lies in the possibility of weakening the microorganism which causes it. However, finding or capturing the virus can be huge task considering that it camouflages itself underneath the body process inside the human structure. The extent of treating herpes includes the utilization of antibiotics for lesions that have prolonged existence. The treatment given to the open sores is not readily accepted as a herpes cure. For a cure to be existent, the total elimination of this painful occurrence must never emerge later on the human body. There are certain substances that are cited as strong solutions to the herpes problem. However, a deeper and a more profound type of tests must be done in order to find the total herpes cure. Today’s medicines are only effective during the times when the herpes virus is active.

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